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Hair loss and thinning happens with age as a part of the body’s natural process of ageing. However, hair loss can occur because of other reasons like poor diet, lack of sleep and exercise, certain medications, environmental factors like humidity, pollution, and even due to some scalp infections like alopecia, etc. Whatever might be the reason, hair loss can hamper your progress in life by depleting your confidence.

Hair loss can lead to lack of confidence as balding and thinning hair might make you conscious of your appearance. You stop believing that you are good looking. As a result, you start avoiding large groups and the company of people altogether. Also, hair loss and thinning hair stops you from dressing up, flaunting a new hairstyle or experimenting with your hair and having the self assurance that comes with looking your best.

You start thinking what others might think about your appearance. Thereafter, you become needlessly entrapped in your mind. Hair loss can also make you feel older. This will again stop you from believing in yourself. You start to become suspicious of people, lest they ridicule your appearance. Whatever be the reason behind your hair loss, you should firmly believe that you will always be the same person who is loved no matter his external appearance.

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